Rancho Alamitos alumni association (ra3)
             Initiated 29 March 2008 and Incorporated 29 April 2009

Want to Donate to the Alumni Association or to Rancho?

The only way the Alumni Association can continue to survive and provide service to Rancho Alamitos High School is by your donations. These donations can help specific classes, the JCM Scholarship, or the alumni general fund.  

To see who has donated click here.

John Callard Memorial Scholarship

Donations will go directly to the scholarship fund.

Alumni Association General Fund

Donation will go to the general fund and used for expenses and donations to specific classes.

Custom Donation - You Decide

Select the amount you want to donate and specify where you want the donation to go (Music, Art, Auto Shop, etc.)

Donation Amount:
Enter your donation choice:

Want to donate something (musical instrument, tools, art supplies, etc.) to Rancho - send me an email (click here - if this link doesn't work email me at webmaster@ra3vaqueros.com ) and let me know what you have and I'll arrange to have it picked up and get it to the school.